cold angel hair pasta salad, Asian sauce

This is an incredibly fast, 'I really don't want to cook anything' meal. 

Help, help, Mr. Man raped me and stripped me of my foliage and snapped my little arms. 

Oh, nonsense. I trimmed your upper leaves that were burning from the light.

And put them with the noodles to load them with breathy aromatic delight. Thank you.

But then you ask, what else is that? 

The sauce is 

* soy sauce (salty)
* sugar (sweet)
* rice vinegar (tart)
* olive oil (fruity)
* chile flakes (hot)
* mustard (hot, aromatic, emulsifier)
* garlic (pungent, spicy, pervasive, bass note)
* ginger (pungent, spicy, zest, biting, difficult, dangerous, tenor note)
* peanut butter (nutty, filling, explosive, overbearing, insistent)
* pasta water to thin. (starchy, diluting)

* shredded lettuce, because, eh, it was there, why not? 

If this were Chopped and if this were make something from nothing night then I would totally win. 


Trooper York said...

Excellent Chip.

I also love to use that mixture chopped on spaghetti squash.

You always have some tasty stuff.

Trooper York said...

I substitute hot Vietnamese garlic sauce for the chile powder though.

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