pizza, Serrano ham, fresh toppings, pizza bread fail

The pizza / focaccia crust is baked in stages. First the plain crust with olive oil.

Out of the oven before it is finished for the cheese. 

Out of the oven again for tomato that will only be warmed through.

Out again then back in. The ham is heated only briefly, only a mere minute to get the fat started melting and basil is not heated at all.

Everything about this pizza is fantastic that is not the bread.

This type of imported flour was recommended, see the little picture of a pizza? I heard Italian chefs like to use this flour for pizza. A couple times I heard that. The "00" denotation means "finely ground." It feels like baby powder. Mixed with water it feels like Play Doh. It feels to have no gluten at all. Mine tastes terrible from being stored in the pantry far too long. It made the bread awful.

Pizza crust fail.

The flour is thrown out. What, flour doesn't last a decade? 

The rest of the one-time pizza is fantastic.

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