bbq burrito, sourdough tortilla

Sourdough tortilla, where do you see that? Nowhere, that's where. 

[sourdough tortilla] 519,000 results. Well, never mind then, I guess you do see them around a few places here and there if you look real hard. 

This is the appearance of the sourdough starter at 7 hours fermentation, which is short, usually we think in terms of eight to twelve hour increments but I'm pushing it here to encourage speed. 

The idea is to double the mass at each feeding and to avoid it getting out of hand some old starter is discarded each time, it also keeps the mass from becoming exhausted with played out gluten protein gobbled up by voracious organisms.

Less bubbles than at last feeding but that is okay because I am not waiting. If the organisms were too slow to reproduce and metabolize the wheat to any discernible degree then there is a good chance of being culled and only fast ones remain.

But not wasted. The discarded starter is used for tortillas instead.

The end of a bunch can get scraggly and you just have to deal with it.

They are very good tortillas. 

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