Denver sourdough bread

This bread is excellent. It is the sourdough culture gathered from airborne organisms here and used for pretzels here. The mess that was left in the bowl became the starter for this second batch and aged for two days in the refrigerator so it does have the character imparted with aging along with increased sour, but not so much sour as expected with two full days cool storage fermentation. 

The culture is not yet fully 100% fiercely active yet it produced two of these Pullman type loaves suitable for sandwiches and honestly tastier and more satisfying as a meal than anything that can be purchased.

Now there is a new mess left in the bowl when this dough was turned out and that was refreshed with new water and flour and it is bubbling away now and will be fed in increments and will be fully grown and formed into loaves ready as aged loaves before these two loaves are consumed. So the pace the organisms make for themselves slow as it is even with me slowing more is too fast to keep up with and outpaces consumption.

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