cherry pie

The filling is like cherry preserves but better than that without being overly sweetened and to compensate for its aggressive cherry tartness, the crust is made as a flaky biscuit. This is like cherry preserves on shortbread biscuit. 

So much emphasis on crust. The following photos come in close on the crust.

So a few hours after I hit publish I received an email sent via Hollywood service provider and I suppose it was intended to be nice but I shot it back with a sharp note, "You just never mind about my pie, Jason Biggs."  How rude.


Juliana Walters said...

I only want to eat that crust, and nothing else, for dinner.

Chip Ahoy said...

I had it for dinner twice, and there is one piece left. It's rejuvenated in a countertop oven toaster to original flaky excellence and I'm amazed all over again.

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