You do not eat red peppers this wrinkled, you just don't, they're too old, they go in the compost pile. 

But that is waste!

Four pictures of an onion where one will do.

A char is put on the peppers. That makes it less attractive but I like it and I did go a bit too far. 

This is an impulse pizza and that means the dough cannot age overnight, a tremendous handicap for pizza dough. It really does need its beauty aging. But hark! This pizza has sourdough starter in it too and that portion is aged, plus there is twice as much here so half this dough ↑ can be aged overnight and that portion will be better than this portion today.

Bread dough risen slightly, drizzled with olive oil

Tomato paste, excess from a tin, frozen in little piles for things like this.


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