greens egg and lamb

Processed to powder in a coffee bean grinder, two small handfuls of pinto beans turned out to be 1/4 cup. Three times that much liquid will be absorbed. 

Pinto beans have great flavor already but now it will be completely changed.

Well, it amounts to a curry then dun'nit. 

There is no ham bone or pork fat or salt pork or bacon or such so butter is added for fat.

My choice is beef stock but there is not enough so chicken stock supplements to 3/4 cup, 3 X the volume of bean powder.

The mixture looks like a mess as it microwaves, it appears hopeless, but it does blend when it boils and the bean starches take up the liquid unravel and gelatinize. 

The following series of photos show how the mess clears up within two microwave blasts of two minutes each, so four minutes cooking. Stovetop works too.

Believe it or not, it is very good like this.

Lettuce is put on there just to have the color green because I'm tired of brown stuff all the time.

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