pasta, cream sauce

I walked out onto the terrace and broke this off and could smell it all the way back to the kitchen where the scent stayed on my hand. 

I visualized a pile of pasta in a pool of cream sauce with mere debris of green broccoli and red bell pepper sticking out here and there but in scrounging discovered other good things to include and the picture changed to something less serenely Zen than that.

The sauce is all that fried in butter staged as a stir-fry, sequentially, then lifted off with Madera, followed with cream, so butter and wine and cream, flavored with powdered mustard sprinkled on and chile flakes. So two spices with that, mustard and chile flakes, not counting salt and pepper. 

And one patio herb.

With a bug on it.

I'll try not to hold that against it.

Sourdough crouton.

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