Summer vegetarian dinner

Corn on the cob segments fried in pan with butter without so much care for appearances and steamed up in there with water and a lid on it to make sure that it is cooked through, avocado split open and drizzled with lime to keep it green, its dullness shielding the pinprick heat of its mango salsa filling and topping prepared with serrano chile pepper and fresh cucumber and little bit of iceberg lettuce. 

"Waiter, stop. You make that sound perfect. I'll have that. How is that done, anyway?"

"Sir, simple enough, but it would be faster and easier to show you by Vulcan style mind-meld." 

"Does that hurt?"

"No, Sir, it does not hurt."

"Bring it." 

"Very well, Sir, please brace yourself." 

"Sir, are you okay?"

"Yeah. That was awesome." 

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