chile rellenos

The sauce is so easy it feels like cheating. No chile included because the whole thing is a chile and it is all about the impressive Poblano flavor and there is no need in introducing competitive capsaicin flavors and heat. Tinned tomatoes here, but it may as well be fresh tomatoes, puréed or not. 

Seasons don't fear the cumin nor do the wind, the sun or the rain

(We can be like they are)

Come on, Baby.

(Don't fear the cumin)

Baby, take my hand.

(Don't fear the cumin)

We'll be able to fly.  

(Don't fear the cumin)

Baby, I'm your man.

Laaaa la la la la

Laaaa la la la la  

It's like a corn dog batter with masa harina, flour, egg, water or beer.

This is the best chile relleno that I have ever feasted upon. My compliments to the cook.

Why thank you. Self taught.

No kidding?

No kidding, totally autodidactic, learned that myself too. 


Synova said...

Some chile rellenos recipies have a batter that is essentially eggs... and eggs. Maybe a tablespoon of flour (or tapioca starch or something) salt and pepper.

Beat about 4 egg whites to stiff peaks, fold beaten yolks into the whites with the salt and pepper and starch... I always overheat the oil.

We're doing the paleo diet thing (more or less) so I was pretty exited to find out that the egg batter is actually traditional instead of a sad substitute.

Chip Ahoy said...

Is that the best you ever had?

The first relleno I had was the egg roll kind and I thought that was normal. Then I had the kind you describe and I was disappointed at first because it didn't match, then I realized how good it is. I made them that way and showed it here and it is good.

That could be a crêpe, or an omelet. The cheese inside must melt as the outside cooks. So then it needn't be stuffed.

A nearby restaurant did this, a batter with breadcrumbs on the outside and that was great. But mine is best of all. Yay for me. I win. Because I realized the importance of the coating and keep it crispy by using water with a trace of baking powder or beer, a bit of cornmeal for crunch, masa harina for Mexican-ness, flour for adhesion, egg for corn dog body but not so thick as that and finally a rough breadcrumb coating. And the batter is sweetened for that same corn dog idea.

The whole thing is not hot at all.

I was afraid to deep fry them because they are split wide open so they were shallow fried instead. And one took three turns on account of its shape. The coating is delicious and interesting with two types of crunch and with the non-Mexican cheese inside. The sauce could be improved and could be chile-based instead of tomato-based.

Also the restaurants use sour cream squeezed from a condiment squeezer and that zigzag always looks wrong to me, but then spooning on crema looks a little too much like the money shot, borderline lewd.

I didn't want to say all that up there because I talk too much and I'm trying to be less pedantic.

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