gnocchi, salad with feta

A dressing is prepared of feta and cream along with a salad of lettuce and grapes. 

Gnocchi is prepared with one potato and one egg and fried in butter, then cream poured into the pan to pick up the remaining seasoning and butter for a warm sauce. 

The four simple elements are brought together on the plate for one glorious whole. 

Potato stabbed all the way through multiple times. It almost comes apart, to dry it out as much as possible while cooking in the microwave.

An Egg! Straight from the refrigerator. We do that in the U.S.  It is warming up before touching the potatoes. 

In a flurry of frenetic but precise activity, medium high heat, and dramatic flourishes, the gnocchi are fried in butter quickly and thoroughly rolled on all sides, lifted out and plated, and the pan doused with cream and cleared onto the plate.


Juliana Walters said...

Did you like the texture of the pan fried gnocchi as opposed to boiling it? It looks great.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yes. I like crispy things. And they are light as clouds inside. Very delicate.

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