cherry turnovers

The dough is made with cold vodka for its evaporative quality instead of water . It also has white sugar so that it is not so bland and powdered ginger for interest

The filling is straight cherries. Deseeded by slicing and squeezing out the pip. An entire package was used to make the filling, it seemed like too much, and all the filling used up to the last drop. 

The filling has kirsch, a cherry flavored liquor, brown sugar, 1/8 teaspoon salt, and it also has corn starch. It seemed the cherry's pectin was insufficient to thicken on it own.

These turnovers are a failure. The process depicted above did not work. The dough contains butter initially, it must have some in it. The butter added  in slices to the surface of the dough was unsuccessfully kept separate, it incorporated into the dough instead of retaining discrete layers so it did not matter after that happened how many times it was rolled out, nothing would change after that. As a result, when baked the dough failed to form layers of thin flakes. 

It's a bit difficult because the oven is making the kitchen warm and the dough is chilled in the freezer, so the dough is either near frozen or overly warm, there is a very small window for rolling and folding. It would be easier if I left the oven off until the end and chilled the whole room and used the refrigerator instead of the freezer. The thing is, my refrigerator is full.

But what a delicious fail. These turnovers did not last an hour. They were gone like that *snap*. It doesn't matter if the dough turns out like croissants, no, they are delicious and irresistible regardless. I do recommend these cherry turnovers while the cherries are in season. I've never had anything better. And I might do it again before the season is out and do better at keeping the butter cool. I know where I went wrong. The butter softened and I folded and rolled it out anyway in haste. 

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