Cream of poblano soup.

I like when the light streaks through a hole in the clouds. This has nothing to do with the soup.

Terrace cilantro, mint and basil

Roasted poblano

Recipes call for grinding up corn tortillas to powder. Tortillas are made of masa harina and water then fried with butter creating a roux. So frying straight masa harina does the same thing.

My own chicken broth is quite dark due to the chicken scraps being roasted again. Otherwise this soup would be much lighter. And it turns lighter when the cream is mixed through. Here the cream sits on the top.

There is also red Dixon chile powder. Onion, garlic and sherry and cumin. Finally, chunks of Haystack goat cheese. All these strong flavors pull the poblano flavor from a main flavor to a supportive flavor. It is a wonderful soup. 

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