chicken, wine sauce

Chicken a la king sauce started with regular mirepoix in butter and olive oil, this one has bay leaf but no parsley and no cayenne nor nutmeg, they are dampened with white wine from a box.

The vegetables are removed to a bowl and chicken chunks fried in the same pan also in butter and olive oil, this time with raw peanuts. The pan deglazed with the same white wine from a box.

Chicken broth with flour shaken in it is added to fill the pan. The mixture thickens insufficiently. A small 1/4 cup or so of pinto beans are processed to powder and whisked in to complete the thickening without adding more flour. The vegetables returned to the pan, now chicken, and sauce are united.

A potato is microwaved and pushed through a a ricer into a bowl with heated milk and butter. 

There is no one around here to shame anyone into minding their polite public manners. The plate is licked clean like a dog. So now I don't even have to wash it, just put it back on the shelf. 

I'm kidding about that last part.

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