NY steak dinner, baked potato, salad

Red bell pepper arranged in a pan so that each piece touches the hot surface, oiled and salted and left to singe on one side, actually burn in an area. 

Apple slices and avocado rolled in dressing to prevent them from oxidizing. 

Grapes and cucumber as shown.

Dressing: olive oil, rice vinegar, mustard powder, honey, salt + pepper, small grated garlic clove, grated ginger. Outstanding. You cannot buy dressing like this. It is made for the meal. Each time you prepare the same or similar thing it comes out a little bit differently due to the insouciant unmeasured manner of putting things together. Once you accept that, you are free. Added by the tablespoon and mixed through at the table. 

A dessert was prepared of peaches and strawberries with whipped cream but my guest was too full. Boo hoo too bad for you.


Trooper York said...

A perfect classic dinner.

My only question....why did you cut up the steak. To mean cutting into a perfectly prepared steak so the rich red blood oozes out is part of the joy of eating delicious red meat. It is part of our heritage as Homo Sapiens.

Chip Ahoy said...

Odd, I know. It's a Japanese thing.

As I was pulling out steak knives for that purpose, I asked my guest if he'd prefer I do it right there in the kitchen using the large ultra sharp knives right there available. It's actually a great idea. The juice was poured over the potato and onto the plate for that same satisfaction you described. So, no fussing with at the table scratching on plates constantly picking up and setting down a knife and switching a fork between hands, just stab a cube and pop it into your mouth. It's actually a great idea. Too bad I couldn't manage keeping it in the shape of a steak though.

This was a wonderful meal. I scarfed mine like a pig. Inhaled the whole thing. The steak was quite incredible. My guest could eat only half, but happy to take half home.

(He heard about my steak in a grill pan from somebody else and was eager to have one himself)

He's one of my lonely world traveler friends who I see rarely, maybe once a year. His birthday. He told me his family didn't even call. A somewhat distant fellow. It turned out a very nice relaxed dinner and much appreciated.

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