serrano chile omelet

This is my favorite fall back cop out meal. Some such ingredients are always on hand and it is so quickly and easily effortlessly made. 

Immediately, the pan is shaken violently to dislodge the egg curd from the bottom and tilted so wet egg flows into the evacuated area, seconds later shaken again and again and again. The first shake easily dislodges egg curd due to all the butter, the rest of the shakes do not dislodge so easily. The pan is tilted and rolled so liquid eggs goes right up the sides of the pan. The thin portion around the edges cooks rapidly and takes on a texture like paper and holds its curl that helps with forming a roll.

Removed from the heat while the surface is still wet. French call this baveuse [pronounce cognitive onomatopoeia "bubble"] meaning slobbery or runny to describe the light wet foamy interior. 

The edges are loosened all around and the pan is struck against the side of a cutting board as if using the board to knock some sense into the pan. Whap, whap, whap. This causes the whole disc to move and to build up along one side initiating a self-rolling movement. 

You can actually roll the whole omelet with abrupt sideways flicks of the pan causing the disc to roll onto itself, otherwise a gentle push with any utensil will complete a nice roll to one side and slide the omelet out of the tilted pan onto a plate.

Cooked beans from the previous night. They're not very pretty, but Boy, are they good.

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