pork green chili, poblano and Anaheim chiles

pork spare ribs

Roasted, covered with plate to steam ↑
Sweated for 20 minutes to loosen skin ↓

Skin peeling off ↑
Pile of peeled chiles ↓

Chiles deseeded ↑




Not shown, full tablespoon cumin powder for Old World flavor, a lot for a very strong spice. To round the chile profile generous rounded two tablespoons of Dixon medium hot  chile powder. Even then the chili is insufficiently hot so two small pantry tins of diced jalapeño pepper is added to make the whole pot more interesting, to suit myself, this might not be so desirable for families unused to this sort of heat. 

Also not shown, a whole onion and two crushed garlic cloves, bay leaf, masa harina to finish for thickening.

This is a pork-heavy batch. There is no coriander nor tomatillo. No cheese is added at service.

The tortillas contain lard. They are fried on medium high for only a few seconds each side. They are soft and wonderful straight out of the pan.

The chili is obviously red and not green. So called because green chiles are the chief flavor component, the color is red due to tomato. Red chili is chili con carne made with ground beef, sometimes with beans, and flavored with paprika, the type chili spread over hot dogs and used with sloppy Joes and such eaten with saltine crackers. 

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