gnocchi, bacon, egg breakfast

I put a small amount of butter in the potato for flavor and that was a mistake. I didn't think that would demand more flour, and the point is to use as little flour as possible.

These gnocchi are light and tender as can be. They are so delicate that it makes impressing marks on them a bit difficult. They tend to smash rather than roll. I do not have the knack for this. The idea is to create ridges for sauce to adhere.

Generous olive oil keeps the gnocchi from sticking.

I used a regular skillet, not a non-stick skillet. My gnocchi stuck to the frying pan. It was loosened with a splash of white wine and it came right off. The same pan the bacon was fried, the bacon grease poured out with the bits remaining. All that was picked up by the wine. Wine and butter makes a better sauce than wine and olive oil. But there you go. Sage is added here. 

These light delicate pillows of potato and egg are wonderful. It is a nice changed from hashed browned potatoes. And there is still some left. Only half is plated. That's one half a potato up there at the top. 


Trooper York said...

What a great breakfast idea. My grandmother used to do that back in the day but she made it as potatoes and eggs with leftovers.

She would put the gnocchi in a frying pan to heat and then crack a couple of eggs in a bowl and scramble them. Then she would pour the eggs over the gnoochi and serve with a little parsley sprinkled over it.

I love the sage idea. Sage and butter and gnocchi are my preferred way of serving same.

Trooper York said...

Of course she would pour lightly scrambled eggs over a lot of stuff.

French Fried potatoes.
Tomato Sauce.

Nobody knew what cholesterol was back then.

Eggs were healthy stuff.

Trooper York said...

Of course you would serve the potato and eggs in a half loaf of crusty Italian bread with salt and pepper.

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