fish tacos (trout, soft wheat tortillas)

1 C flour
2 T lard
3/4 C water
2 t baking powder
1/2 kosher salt

They needed something. 1 jalapeño diced and added to tomato and onion. 

The only sauce is sour cream and lime juice on avocado and on the fish.

You cannot buy anything so good as this. The fish and the tacos right out of the pan. No dreadfully overcooked fish, no messing around with pre-made tortillas.


vza said...

Looks delicious! Great pictures, Chip.
What did you use for the breading on the fish?

Chip Ahoy said...

That was my own bread processed in the cup that comes with an emersion blender. So, fresh bread.

The usual dredge, drench, dredge. First seasoned flour, then beaten egg, then breadcrumbs dumped into the first bowl after the first flour dredging, with a bit of flour remaining. A savings of one bowl.

These trout were quite large. I got them from Sprouts. That was the first time I shopped there. It's a very good store. I spoke to six different people and everyone was very nice and responsive. Eager to engage.

I cook fish much more quickly than my mum did. Only long enough to toast the bread, and that's it. Mum incinerated her breaded fish until it virtually dried.

There was a lot left over. I ate it without tortillas and it's great just like that.

vza said...

Thanks. I think I'm going to try fish tacos this week. We have a pretty good fish store(DiColas) in our neighborhood in Chicago. Thanks for the inspiration!
Just love your blog and your posts on Lem's.

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