baked sweet potato

You know how the bins at the store have different kinds of sweet potatoes, this one is the the darkest red, a garnet type sweet potato. 

I forgot how good these things are and how loaded with fiber, you can see it packed in there a mass of squishy orange fibers. Part of the tremendous satisfaction comes from being starved. 

The potato baked a long time, about an hour and fifteen minutes

* brown sugar
* salt
* butter
* cinnamon

Status: Recommended.

For anything.

And I mean anything, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, brunch, picnic, date, fancy dinner, pot luck, Queen of England, out of work brother-in-law, wedding, funeral, bar mitzvah, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine's day, side dish, full meal, base for ice cream, filling for pie, base for sauce, tempura, soup, salad, cracker topping, taco. sandwich. Anything.

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