cheese bacon breadsticks

Nothing can be done until this dump is cleaned up. 

Lord, please help a brother out, send your angels and make quick work of this. 


Thank you. 

We may now proceed to mess it up again.

This is the attachment that comes with the emersion blender. It cannot do as thorough a job as the coffee bean grinder, that is more powerful and will turn the bacon to dust and we don't want that. This less effective blender will leave little chunks. A half cup of flour is included to help it. The same thing is done with cheese to avoid large chunks that will interfere with rolling it out pencil thin. 

The yeast is already started with sugar and some more of the flour, ultimately about 2 cups total, and now 1 cup is already used. 

425℉ at 10 minutes is a little too hot for this batch. 

The oven turned off and all breadsticks returned at once on a single tray to dehydrate. 

The bread dough is oily for crackers then even more fat added in the form of cheese.

1 cup of liquid, divided by 3/4 cup water and 1/4 cup oil.

The oil is divided to 1/2 bacon fat and 1/2 olive oil.

About 2 cups total flour.

2 teaspoons kosher flaky salt is slightly too much

1 level teaspoon chipotle is very hot, even diffused through 2 cups of flour and even disarmed by cheese. 

This batch is extremely flavorful for breadsticks even though only a single slice of very thick bacon is used. 

The grated cheese amounted to about half a cup, grated and pulverized along with some flour.

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