bread and cheese

A scene from a book required for High School literature left an indelible impression upon my youthful mind. More so than the rest of the book, the title of the book, the name of the character or the author. I got nothing. Except this one scene. I thought it was Old Man and the Sea but I just did word search for "bread" and for "cheese" and nothing came up.

A old man walks into his hovel by the seashore. He sits at a wooden table alone and tears off some bread and cuts a piece of cheese. That is his meal. And water. it is supposed to describe poverty.

And I was thinking, "Oh man, what a bummer!" 

They leave out it was bread the likes that you never get and the cheese was unpasteurized heaven. It's actually an incredibly satisfying meal. His bread and cheese was better than mine. 

You can see this is the beginning of a pizza.

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