egg over easy with sourdough whole wheat toast

That will be $50.00, please.

Because where else are you going to get this? Nowhere, that's where. So simple, and yet singular.

And if you think this small meal is not fully satisfying and beyond then you just don't fully appreciate nuclear fission. 

And as the grain that is milled here at home bubbles in its jar by just adding water and waiting four days, I wonder why this all seems so difficult when in fact it is so easy that cave men did it. Or at least early mud hut people did it, all occurring quite naturally.

It seems difficult because we approach it from behind and backward engineer something that took no engineering to start with. The ancients smashed grain on flat stones, made the resulting powder wet, formed a ball, it foamed, the foamy flattened wad was baked on a stone and they ate it. By and by they got better at this. So much better, so specialized in their activities over millennia the original process is gladly forgotten and the original product unrecognizable: a thick coarse heavy brick-like loaf of exceedingly rough bread verging on an overcooked unsweetened unhappy unwelcoming pancake. 

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