little dummkopf's ice cream

It's cream sloshed around with milk added, and vanilla and sugar also salt. 

No ice cream machine, no churning, no rock salt, no egg, no custard, no mixer, no heat. No extraneous flavor ingredients. Just pouring and sloshing around. 

* cream
* sugar
* milk
* dash of table salt
* freezing cold; either freezer, winter, whatever. 

It is insisted the milk be heated to dissolve the sugar, I say, just dissolve the sugar in cold milk and be thorough about it. That eliminates two steps of heating and re-chilling. 

Slosh around the cream to get a little air inside it. The more and longer it's sloshed then the more like whipped cream it becomes. Mix in milk to dilute and thin the effort. Cream not aerated then frozen is hard. Over aerated cream stays soft when frozen. This is a bit over aerated. It's a thing, once started whipping it's hard to stop.

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