bread, Denver sourdough revitalization attempt

The last we saw the dough was a shaggy wet ball of barely hydrated flour. Barely mixed through. The most careless dough wad imaginable except measurements were fairly well approximated.

Dusted all around with flour, top edges, tools. Folded in thirds.

Dusted all around, cleaned up. Folded in half and pinched.

As the wisdom passed to us through the ages from the ancient rabbis has it, "Cleanliness is next to anal retentiveness." 

And like the priest said to the little girl in the Exorcist, "Wipe your ass and go help your mamma in the kitchen with the dishes." 

Clergy have a lot of posterior related sayings.

Also, a sharp knife is not the same thing as a baker's lame, but go for it. 


This is for another project. A most excellent sourdough starter gathered from Denver storms and afternoon rain in series proved to be powerful, but there's only so much sourdough a guy can take so the starter languished in the refrigerator.

For a year.

Now, that's enough to kill a good starter. It's likely all dead. 

But maybe they pulled their emergency sequence. Who knows?

It was raised on whole wheat. This is an attempt to revive it without dragging out the grain mill. It's very noisy and it's late.


End threadjack.

Back to the bread.

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