breakfast fail

A precautionary tale of two poor decisions converging at the point of having no real plan for them but moving along anyway resulting in failure and disappointment. 

The first poor decision is attempt to use an inferior product instead of throwing them out. Here is were impulse for conservation conflicts with common sense. I already know I don't like the product but somehow I imagine my bad attitude can be repaired with an effort, but it cannot. The project is doomed from the start. I do not have a plan for them except mix them somehow. 

I like frozen fries. They're a good idea. You don't always have a potato on hand. And they're better than my own fries. But not this particular brand.

Boom, they go straight to hell. Literally burnt. 

The second error is thinking poaching eggs in bacon fat and the fond it produced while frying is a good idea. Fussing about all that is what caused the potato product to fail. 

The bacon's asset is in its sugar and salt and fat, all in processing. I want to keep and use all its fat and all its flavor elements, its smoke. It's expensive and those are the the elements being purchased. I'm looking for ways to use to extend it, the other option is waste it.


Rob said...

We could talk about the distinction between poaching (generally in a quantity of liquid at sub-boiling temperature) versus frying, but instead let's note that scrambled eggs cooked in some of the leftover bacon fat is a great way to impart that sweet smoky flavor to the eggs.

Chip Ahoy said...

I poured a tablespoon balsamic vinegar along with water. That held in the white nicely enough. It lifted the fond nicely. The water is not boiling and that's what took so long splashing the liquid about to get the top cooked and trying to lift the egg stuck to the pan and get liquid under it. It took way too long and evaporated quickly. I cranked up the heat to get the thing finished. By then those crap potato things burned.

Maybe this isn't such a bad idea, but the color and untrimmed eggs sure are ugly. Maybe rice vinegar and not balsamic. I could eat only one of the eggs. It grossed me out with no toast or anything to poke it except bacon, and the bacon is so thick it's more like pork jerky.

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