Denver sourdough started rejuvenated

Steady bubble streams emanating from specific areas ↑. 

 Reduced, then fed fresh water and fresh flour ↓. 

12 hours later bubbles emanating throughout ↓. 

Reduced again and fed again fresh water and flour.

This is its 3rd feeding and refreshing. It's time to bust a move.

Bread dough in sponge form started, 1/2 white flour ↓. 

It appears the Denver starter has died. This took as long to rejuvenate as it does to start new from raw flour. This might all be from organisms carried on the wheat used to feed the Denver starter. I don't know. There is no way for me to know for certain. 

I do know the Denver sourdough collected from afternoon storms was particularly powerful and fast. More so than the volunteer starters, and those are hearty as well. We'll see.

I used half white flour for the sponge, usually it is at least 3/4, because I do want its gluten quality that straight whole wheat cannot develop for a variety of reasons. 

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