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The Nikon went kaput. It's phone camera from here on until that's repaired. 

Camera fixed! Earlier crucial photos recovered. I was getting the dreaded blinking "ERR" message that usually indicates a problem with the lens seating, making contact properly, or else an aperture unit problem, a plastic lever tends to break. Much advice online. Before, for me it meant a a lens ring setting was cranked out of its usual position. 

Following much distress, changing out lenses, memory cards and batteries, cleaning the contacts, poking around, trying every button, trying every setting, finally at length I tried something radical and it worked for me. I pushed the shutter release and it clicked back to life. ]

Maybe it was all those magical ritualistic things that I did. 

These tiny tins of tomato paste are cheap as can be but one guy alone even this is too  much paste. Hate to waste. The paste that comes in a tube is 20X the cost of this, say, four dollars for a lot less amount. Freezing as paste wafers is a good solution. It makes them available for anything. 

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