Southwestern mac and cheese

This is macaroni sold in small packages for 99¢ in the import aisle that I've not seen anywhere else. They are cute. 

Plus a tin of diced tomato with jalapeño and another tin of corn with jalapeño and those two things are still very weak with jalapeño so three types of chile powders are added, along with garlic powder, traces of cumin and coriander, so a kind of Southwestern curry.

The cheese is bits of odds and ends in plastic bags. 

I'm at the point of cleaning out the refrigerator again. Everything is being scrubbed and bleached. It helps a lot for it to be empty. So all this is scrounging around in the pantry. And it turned out delicious beyond expectation. And that is without getting to the diced onion or the powdered masa harina for additional old-world maize flavor.  

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