Nutrimill, wheat, whole-wheat sourdough starter

My friends joke about Whole Foods being called Whole Paycheck but not everything there is expensive. Where else will you find whole wheat grain in bulk bins? Tell me. I'd like to know. 

Now, this really is the best whole wheat flour. 

The gent in South Africa who provided the starter for Sourdough International's whole wheat sourdough starter said that his starter was raised on whole wheat flour and it made sense to do things that way. Whatever thrives on whole wheat specifically is selected naturally that way. 

This is two tablespoons foamy whole wheat flour sourdough starter fed with this fresh flour and new water and brought to nearly one cup. 

I'm ready to bust a whole-wheat move.

Microscopically and sometimes molecularly things conspire in whole wheat to prevent the formation of gluten molecules. And when they do form they are cut by other sharp bits in dough. Because gluten is inhibited then skin on the loaf is impossible to form. It does its own crusty thing. 

I will attempt to bake a whole wheat loaf without kneading, just baked sponge in a pan. I expect it to be heavy and odd and difficult to get out of the pan and to taste like nothing else on Earth. I expect it might be possible to slice thinly and used for exceedingly thin but powerful sandwiches.  

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