Aerogarden fail mint hack

This is the bowl to the Aerogarden lifted out of its base with its light.

Live and learn innit. I thought, "Okay now, what went wrong?" 

Why did the mint fail to root?

The stems are not continuously moist as when mint is rooted in a cup.

The Aerogardens start seeds by keeping them moist with spongy material. Even when they do not have water dripping over them the seeds still stay moist. I did not do that. My tiny wire cages do not keep stems moist.

Second attempt:

One mint plant did root. One out of seven, quite bad record there.

There are more mint and basil plants rooting in cups for backup.

Proper Aerogarden herb kit with four mints and three basil pods for backup's backup. 

This is what you get for $17.00. Seven pods and seven seeds. 

7 seeds!

A tiny bit of liquid fertilizer, plastic insert pods, domes for them, and sponge material, directions, packaging, excellent customer service, and good deal of research, agonizing company restructuring, and proprietary éclat.

There is no actual failure with these projects, only learning, for gardens even tiny ones, even automatic ones, even indoor gardens are places of pleasure and delight and never places of crushing disappointment nor disillusionment. 

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