tenderloin steak, sweet potato

Lookit, nearly half off these two tenderloin steaks. 11.22 / 18.71 = .599, or 40% reduction and that is very good when it comes to dead cow I meant to say beef just now.

The oven is on for the sweet potato already so now it is turned lower to medium low.

Steaks are room temperature.

Pan to fry the steaks is very hot and the steaks seared as if being branded exceedingly cruelly. The second side shorter than the first. You can see on the side of he steak how far the cooked portion advances. Not much. A bit underdone there. No salt because that draws internal moisture to the surface where it fries off. You  don't' want that. Then placed in the oven for more gentle heat for about four or five minutes, not long. Just enough to slightly heat to the center of the steak without denaturing the center or discoloring. That is how restaurant chefs satisfy their customer's preferences. And that is how I win the admiration of my steak-eating peers, and that is how I cook steaks with confidence when done indoors. It goes very quickly.

I cannot believe how fantastic this steak is. Like buttuh, this steak. I mean it. They're not known for being flavorful, but boy, are they ever tender. And a little bit of Lea and Perrins goes a long way for flavor, it's actually sweet. 

OMG, there's another one! The ecstasy can continue. Thank you sacred cow for being delicious. 

Apologies, Hindu Persons, but this cannot be beat, it just cannot. 

And the sweet potato is perfect. I don't know why these things aren't more popular. Just perfect. 

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