bell pepper, onion, ham pizza

This dough is perfect. 

If at six years of age had I only understood this then I'd have saved myself a good deal of trouble struggling with pizza dough, stretching it on an oiled tin pizza pan. It kept shrinking back. 

This is nothing at all like that. It is started the night before carelessly as can be. It's shocking. Scant yeast so meager you'd think the salt will kill it. 8X more salt than yeast at least. A tiny amount of yeast to get things started slowly 1/8 a teaspoon at most, and it literally grows throughout the dough overnight. When dumped and stretched out it pulls to windowpane thinness mere one molecule thick and still holding together. The center is very thin with the bulk at the edges, so topping is piled at the edges too.

Aged dough; water, yeast, salt, flour mixed with dinner knife, no kneading whatsoever, covered and set overnight, dumped and pulled to a stunning thin sheet, who does that?

Crazy people, that's who.  

Oh! 20% estimated semolina flour. That would be the one expert touch. Yeah, we pros like to toughen up our pizza dough a little bit. *examines fingernails* I learned this from an American expatriate living in Lyon. Lucy's Kitchen Notebook. The woman is quite remarkable.

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