In search of a chicken sandwich

Our hero is a dummkopf, there is no other way around it. 

There is food all around. Anything you can think of within walking distance even if you are in a wheelchair. In fact there are people in wheelchairs all around getting whatever food that they like. Hundreds of them all over the place. What does our boy do? Makes his own sandwich. Makes his own bread. 

His reasoning is this bread has butter and milk and eggs, it is what regular commercial sandwich bread is trying to be but without butter and milk and eggs. 

If you want it fresh you have to do it yourself. Now. 

And that is not very good reasoning. 

For you see, our society is highly specialized. 

Precisely to free us from such onerous daily burdens. And now these things are all done by experts. 

And here is our hero in reverse of all that civilization progress. 

Does he honestly think he can do better?

Better than professionals do? 

Yes, I believe he does think that.

And that's why he's a dummkopf. 

Or maybe he's just having fun.

You know how when you were four years old you stuck potato chips inside your sandwiches for crunch? 

For extra crunchy fried chicken coating use water instead of milk. This is a TOP SECRET TRICK !

So don't tell anyone. 

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