the last meatball on Earth

I meant to say the last meatball in my refrigerator.

It feels like the last meatball on Earth, it's the last of everything around here for I am but a poor boy and my story's seldom told yes I have squandered my resistance on a pocketful of mumbles such are prom… hang on.

It's the last of anything around here. I'm down to ice. And an old celery stalk. That's it.

And you know what? My meatballs, your meatballs, are better. These are from the deli and they're made with ground beef and sausage, and they're expensive, and each time I ate one I thought, Jeeze, anything we do all the things we tried with meatloaf-y recipes varying egg, bread, and types of ground meat, cheese, herbs, spices, vegetables and sauces, all are better than this.

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