fried rice

Fried rice is an exacting recipe developed over centuries.

1. You take any kind of oil heat it to high.
2. Flavor the oil with any kind aromatic at hand
3. Add any kind of vegetable seasonably available in stages
4. Add any protein you can manage
5. Finish with any sauce of your liking.

And never vary from this recipe. It's ritualized. Codified. It's like a religion. 

It's a trick! 

A magical trick involving water.

I meant to do that!

Nobody likes a perfect food dome. 

It's anal retentive and there you are thinking about anal things at the dinner table. Best to mess up the dome. 


Rob said...

The indispensable Kenji Lopez-Alt recently addressed the vagaries of fried rice:

Chip Ahoy said...

I forgot to say, add whatever leftover rice that you have. Exactly!

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