American bacon pizza

Bacon. American treasure. It's what we do over here. 

Look, you got your Italian prosciutto and your fine Danish hams, you got your German sausages developed over centuries, you got your cured kangaroo and your exotically prepared haggis, what have you, and we have bacon. 

It is our treasure and it's treated as such. 

 Tomatoes, from America. 

American tomato paste condensed from American tomatoes.

Some kind of weird fer'ner cheese that's made in America.

No mountain-joy. 

No ore-gano. 

None of that, this is cilantro leaves and mint leaves. It's what I have around here so it's what gets used. 

We are American, we use our own ingredients over here. We are not beholden to your pizza archetypes. Whatever. We are American, we do what we want.

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