bread to the hungry

Right then, I gave bread to the hungry.

It is a brag and it is formulaic and so sincerity is suspect. 

I too gave bread but they weren't hungry and they aren't poor but they are a bit fussy about food and they do love this whole wheat made with naturally occurring leaven and 100 percent of its bran.

That's a lot of bran.

You don't really want all that bran in your flour and it is possible to remove it, but there it is, simply pulverized to oblivion. 

But first I must knock back the acid of your sourpuss and smack you silly with something sweet. Take that!

And that!

It is a hit. 

I didn't expect that. Rather, I expected the opposite. They are fussy people used to having things certain ways. This is utterly foreign, backward, and strong, with no class. It doesn't fit.

It was pitched as historic bread. "I really do think this approximates the regular daily bread people ate through history." Even though it's wheat and not emmer. And that went a long way in carrying the idea across natural objections. The woman identifies as native American and the dude is black. Now a white guy is trying to reach back and sense what all our ancestors ate. They like the idea and they like the bread. They told me, they both did, they told me I am amazing.

Just for making this bread and insisting on two very thin slices. That feeds a hunger. 

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