bean and rice fettuccine in cream sauce

Rice and dry beans are processed to powder using the coffee bean grinder and mixed with wheat flour for pasta.

The most difficult thing is deciding which dry bean to use. I decided I'd prefer noodles white. That was the deciding factor. 

Enough wheat flour to form a workable ball. If the slurry mixture will not accept enough flour to strengthen the dough then more water will be added so it will,  but that didn't happen.

Ready. When the pasta is cut it cooks very quickly and everything comes together at once. 

The pot that boils the pasta is used to melt butter, heat spices and cream. That takes 20 seconds. Pasta returned and combined with vegetables already nuked for two minutes. 

This whole practice is about the relaxation of making pasta, the pleasure of making plain things with no chemical complications. 

Does this cream sauce make my butt look too big?

Turn around, Baby, show us.

Nah, Honey, you're perfect.

The noodles are weak and break easily. More flour would be an improvement. 50% flour sounds about right.

Can I believe I just ate beans and rice? It didn't seem like it. 

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