BBQ chicken thighs, homemade BBQ sauce

Now for BBQ sauce.

The idea is use the entire bowl by serial applications.  

The thighs are loaded, and I mean loaded, with sauce. 

The ingredients on catsup say sugar and vinegar and that right there tells you that catsup is a tomato-based sweet and sour sauce. 

BBQ sauce extends both the sweetness, in a new way, and its sour in a new way while altering the profile however one likes. This took several adjustments. I added maple syrup and a touch of cumin. Just look at your pantry and see what you've got. You'll have the things that you like so that's a good start. I considered soy sauce. I also added liquid smoke until I could taste it. This time I avoided garlic for some reason, and there is no alcohol. 

The sauce is not heated. It's going on the chicken entirely and it will cook in the oven. No need to dissolve the sugar first because there will be no remainder and all of it baked a long time. 

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