Aerogarden herb rooting win

So that's that. Proof of concept. Conclusion: it works very well for rooting.

This is about three weeks growth starting from grocery store herbs held in place by pieces of kitchen sponge.  The plants reached the lights and were cut back tonight. The extra leaves not needed for dinner wrapped in wet paper towel and stored in the same grocery store container of the original mint.

This thing sure is fun. 

Plus its light is useful for photography. Have you noticed my photos often come out 1/2 blue and 1/2 yellow? It's because of this light. I turn on everything and this blue really goofs things up. I'm expecting the newer models that use LED array will be even worse. And by worse I mean better. 

This little non-pro Nikon is an excellent workhorse. It's like the thing was made for a lifetime of use or something. I've honestly not experienced anything like it. And this is the least of it. It's been taking photos in series of over three hundred shots daily, sometimes a couple times daily.  

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