potato cheese pierogis

The dough has sour cream in it and that makes the dough softer and more elastic, a bit stronger. 

The potato has sour cream in it to lighten it. 

Sour cream as garnish because, eh, what the heck, it's a thing that's done.

The Atlas is hooked up for superior rolling, even and flat and thin.

The motor is hooked up too and that is unusual because the manual crank is so fun, but this is even more fun, a lot faster and better and and not too noisy. It's worth dragging it out.

One russet potato made this. 

* potato
* warm milk
* melted butter
* cheese
* horseradish
* dry mustard
* sour cream
* salt and pepper

Sour cream in increments until I am satisfied with the texture.

Caramelized a little too fast a little too hot, but not so bad.

Boiled gently until they float, coated with oil so they don't stick. They're done. Right now they're done. Mum went a step further for some reason, a side of her family did that, and one night they were a big hit at some shindig at an isolated air base. Back and forth she went catering theses things and I got to eat vast quantities, like three. 

I could never get enough.

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