cauliflower asparagus salad

It started out being simple roasted cauliflower salad. Other things kept adding themselves to it so eagerly I couldn't be rude.

An entire cauliflower is rubbed with butter, seasoned and wrapped in foil and roasted.


olive oil in a bowl, enough to lightly coat anticipated vegetables.
lime juice squeezed from a lime
mustard, this time some stuff mixed from powder I found in the refrigerator
raspberry preserves, the sort of thing you put on toast
salt / pepper

Asparagus bits are fried in butter on high heat in the pan that toasted croutons. Not moved at all so that a single burnt stripe forms on each separate piece. This imparts roasted flavor to each piece while leaving the rest to fresh lightly steamed snappy freshness, that is broken in pieces. The tendency is to shake the pan and stir, but that is avoided for straightforward singing. It is violent and goes very fast.

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