cold Asian noodles, curry chicken thigh

An earlier post titled Asian noodles is sticking out in stats annoyingly. I wondered what I did back then. I said back then the noodles are cold and that instantly appealed to me tonight. Then I thought, look at me inspiring myself. Thank you, Earlier Self. 

These thighs were fried yesterday but I didn't care for the one that I ate. 

Too tough. They always are when I fry them. And I thought, well, what kind of chicken do I like? I like the kind that is overcooked and falls away from the bone. Cooked so that the bone marrow becomes part of it. So I tore off the skin and pressured cooked them mercilessly with prepared curry powder that I would like to have used up to clear space. It is a fantastic meal. So simple. Look, there is only lettuce and pecans in there. And the soy/peanut butter sauce. *smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch* I'm kissing myself. Win.

Sauce this time

olive oil
rice vinegar
peanut butter
drizzle of sesame seed oil
chile flakes

I used ice cubes to chill the sauce and the cooked noodles. 

Anything similar sauce or vegetable combination: recommended. 

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