hand rolled pasta in cream sauce

I saw the package of chicken breast sitting there thawing having been set out earlier and knew in an instant what I wanted to do. I wanted very heavy egg noodles, the sort that is not usually sold and the chicken breast and nearly a full pint of cream with the chicken breast here and there as addition. Diced roughly it will cook in one minute. Cream sauce will come to boil in just a few minutes. 

I am waiting for room in my stomach for the rest. I must have more.  

You know sometimes I cannot believe my own skills. 

The diced chicken is cooked in butter with dry thyme very briefly with salt and pepper, and spices; powdered mustard and chile powder. And have the nutmeg ready to scrape. These things do not go together:

dry mustard
chile powder 
freshly grated nutmeg

later plated:

Excessive cream, a lot more than you think. Double what you think. 

+ parmesan cheese
+ fresh basil

But they do. They do combine together with cream. It must be like soup. I am not exaggerating. The thick primitive egg noodles, butter, cream, a genuine curry of spices with cheese and basil. You're lucky to find a place to sell you a meal like this. Thailand maybe. They'd use coconut milk. 

The chicken is incidental protein to confident fun hearty noodles heavily creamed up with intoxicating inviting flavors utterly unconcerned with calories and welcoming even more straight cream. 

All that cream consumed with no concern for proper balanced diet and completely satisfied that for me, tonight, this meal is perfect.

There. That's what it looks like properly creamed up. This is the second serving. The sauce is straight cream. 

I realized tonight nutmeg is raw. 

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