caramel apple

This is a very small apple. From Miniappleolis. 

You don't have to dissolve the sugar in water but it does even the heating and evaporates, eh, not so long. I did a whole cup. It came to a boil and stays at boiling water temperature until all the water is gone, faster than you might imagine, then the sugar boils and you tell by the bubbles that's nice and even, no stirring necessary, no swirling necessary either. You can heat sugar directly. It tends to dissolve and boil in patches. Some areas can burn before other areas even dissolve. The water method is a few minutes longer but worth it. 

My way of doing this. Everything must be ready. It takes a few minutes for the sugar to heat well beyond water evaporating, it changes color and when it does then it goes from light amber to dark reddish brown to burnt in mere seconds. Say, thirty seconds. You have to be right there at the turning point. The high heat and the material are dangerous. 

Medium high heat.

1 cup sugar
1 cup (maybe less) water.

Boils without stirring this time until water is gone and sugar boils, watched until amber turns 

Quickly, off the heat and on the cooler stovetop, mine suddenly turned darker in the center than the edges so cream is slowly poured first where I want that to stop. It boils violently so pour rather slowly. 

Add butter and vanilla.

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