shell pasta, ragù gravy

Tonight I self-identify as Italian and we Italians call pasta sauce gravy. And it's not proper ragù either but I don't care.

It could have been meatloaf, or it could have been meatballs, it could have coated and deep-fried and it could have been patties, but instead it was turned into an instant sauce by the agency of one little frozen tomato paste disc from tinned tomato paste. The extra that cannot be thrown away. Came in handy tonight. Or else open a new tin. They're tiny tins but such a pain to deal with tomato paste when you only ever need a few tablespoons. 

Same thing with sauce. Extra stored in a jar from something previous. 

And you now what? It turned out great. Careless as all that and still 10 X better than most anything I get outside my own home, my own careless efforts. 

Mint and the best cheese available saved it.

This meal enhanced my single superpower of minty fresh breath. 

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