sun-dried tomato, bacon, parmesan cheese, chipotle breadsticks.

Pizza breadsticks. They have the intense flavors of pizza distributed through two and a half cups of flour for breadsticks that are light as air. 

These are not done yet. Too much like bread. They will par-bake again possibly twice until there is no moisture remaining. They will be so dry they turn to powder in your mouth inducing saliva that dissolves them to a tiny wad easily swallowed like a miniature pill. Then another bite and another bite until the whole stick disappears leaving your mouth smacked with flavor and compelling you to lift another stick to your mouth in continuous succession like an obsessed beaver gnawing at trees. They seem to want to be destroyed. 

They're easy to make as children making worms. This batch was particularly easy to roll one by one until fifty long worm shapes are rolled and pulled out. It goes very quickly, kind of like spinning wool. 

Let's race.


While bacon fried in a pan, double task. 

Needs more bacon.




All the fat from the bacon, plus more olive oil.

Smoked jalapeño, aka: chipotle.  

Although not quite done yet I can tell these are perfect and will be perfection perfected. They are already light as balloons. After drying they will be even lighter. All that bacon, all that sun-dried tomato, all that cheese, all that bacon fat and still light as air. They must be held down lest they float off. 

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