great bread the easy way

This is the last of the boulle picked up at the same time as the mortadella and smoked Gruyère. This right here is a disappointment because it's marketed as sourdough. C'mon, we make our own sourdough and this isn't close. This isn't even as fermented or as rustic as dough with leaven grown overnight. Twenty-four hours fermentation on the counter surpasses whatever starter, or whichever method they used for this bread. It is small and it is expensive. Too expensive for a disappointment. 

The two final slices are made into a usual sandwich.

This is the end of it. I can start a new boulle effortlessly and have it ready for tomorrow and have a loaf better than this to replace it more easily than I can walk down to Tony's or hop in the truck, or even include a soft loaf with usual groceries as people do and then manage it carefully all the way home through various transfers. Nah, Brah, this is actually easier.

* 1 cup cold water
* 2 cups flour
* 1/4 teaspoon dry active yeast, this would be 1/4 little package.
* 1 teaspoon salt

This one is flavored with rosemary. It's an impulse thing. We baker types do this.

This was started early evening and proofed overnight. It was returned to when I felt like it, about noon. Morning would have worked and so would evening. There is a broad margin to work within.

The oven is turned on to high and a pot with lid like this is preheated.

One side of this is pulled and folded on top to create a tighter bundle. 

Huh? What? 

And so the steady sandwich conveyor rolls on unaffected. 


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