curry chicken thigh apple salad

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, you know that I love you I can't help myself doing things for taking care of your healf. And then when I bit into the cold chicken I couldn't believe how exotic and fabulous and remote from anything American that it tasted as if it is food for Jupiter or Saturn inhabitants. And it was so easy, and wrong, frankly. A proper Indian cook would not put up with what I did and yet it turned out well beyond expectation. This is good. 

And I want to go right out, like tomorrow, and buy another package of chicken thighs with bone in. That is the key. Four major bird bones right there, blam, all into your chicken sauce and forced through your chicken. 

Then overcooking in scant water, braising, is the second key. 

Then any random prepared curry but much less than if making actually curry chicken. This is like the diluted Budweiser version. It is far from the real thing. Just pick up one or two of the prepared ones. I used about 1/2 teaspoon, or about  1/5 the amount of prepared curry that an Indian cook would use. They would be disappointed in me. 

The thighs were pressure cooked for a long time. Twice. Twenty minutes each time. That is a a lot of pressure. That's the third key thing.

The spices blended with the marrow and the water perfectly. The sauce is perfect. When cooled it gelled nicely. But I didn't use it for this. Shame! So much flavor wasted by that.  It could have flavored potatoes. There are a dozen things that could have been done with that. I didn't want it to discolor this the whole time knowing wasting the sauce is unacceptable. I regret it now. That's why I want to go out and try it again. I'm stoked how delicious this turned out. And it's the cold chicken that's amazing. I'm glad there's some left. 

Why don't people make stuff like this all the time? For goodness sake. It's was so easy. 

Apples and grapes counter the curried chicken.

I equated it with the spellbinding flavor of smoked duck. It's fantastic in slivers and you cannot keep off of it. That is what this reminded me of. 

Shhh, don't tell anyone, Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch. This is our secret, okay? We could make a million dollars. 

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